Why study in Canada?

Come study English in the Halton District School Board, Ontario Canada!! This area is well known for being an amazing place to learn and grow! The Halton District School Board is located just 30 minutes west of Toronto.  It is a region filled with amazing small cities of about 150,000 people each.

  • world class education
  • focus on student personal growth and character development
  • one of safest countries in the world
  • multicultural society
  • affordable tuition
  • reasonable visa requirement and high success rate
  • positive immigration policy
  • peaceful life and environment

Students who study in High Schools in Canada, transition into Canadian Universities and Colleges with a much better understanding the English Language, academic options available to them and understanding of our culture.

Services offered by Nobleton Education

Nobleton Education is cooperating with various school boards and local schools in Canada. Our professional advisors with strong educational backgrounds will make customized plans for students who interested in studying in Canada. Nobleton guarantees full support for our students to achieve success during their study in Canada.

Nobleton offers a TOTAL CARE PACKAGE to look after their foreign students.

Vision of High Schools in Ontario, Canada

“Together we inspire every student to learn, grow and succeed. Every student will explore and enhance their potential, passions, and strengths to thrive as contributing global citizens.”

[Halton District School Board] 


Two of Nobleton’s Directors of Operations, Mark Wickens (on the left) and Michael Liu (on the right) are seen here  with Dean Barnes, the System Principal of International Programs for the Halton District School Board (2018). Halton is one of the school boards we support and are passionate about.


Halton is one of the best educational systems in Ontario, Canada. It’s schools are highly ranked and have excellent reputations.

Our students graduate and are accepted into prestigious Canadian and International colleges and universities

Many famous Halton students have become well known in their fields of specialization

Mark spent over 15 years in the Halton School System as a student and over 30 years as a teacher and administrator.  While at Brock University, as a Faculty Advisor he placed student teachers from his Faculty of Education classes into Halton schools, so that they could learn how to be the best 21st century educators that students could have.

Nobleton staff will help students navigate through all of the steps required.
We will look after you while you are here to ensure parents know you are safe.

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