Criteria: Caring; Monitoring; Interaction; Respect

Homestay families play a very important role in the stream of study abroad. As a teenage from grade 9 to grade 12, it is very hard to leave parents and home to live and study in a foreign country, especially within a culture shock circumstances. Nobleton Education will never let our younger students feel home-sick and will help them to overcome any obstacles during their new life journey in Canada. We help parents to place their kids to families in the most convenient location to the attending schools. All homestay families are requested with love, caring and respect to the kids, acting as parents role to do the cook, sanitation, interaction conversation, checking school schedule, doing drop-off or pick-up and monitoring study at home if those things are necessary.


Criteria: Language; Responsibility of conducting communication between school and parents; Education background

All guardians are required to have fluent English, so that there is effective communication between students and schools. Nobleton’s staffs will ensure parents are then updated in their home language. A competent educational background is needed to be able to understand the teacher’s assessments and term reports, and to follow through on academic improvement plans. Nobleton’s guardians also provide emergency support to all of our students if they are not well or if there are injuries to address. Nobleton’s staffs want all parents to know  that their children are being looked after with the upmost care and attention.

Local Community Events & Activities

Criteria: Volunteer; Cultural integration into local community; Workshop to help students achieve a successful experience in Canada; holiday gatherings

In order to help our students seamlessly merge into the Canadian culture and local communities, we will encourage them to be volunteers for the local community services and participate in events. In addition to their daily life, we will organize holiday gatherings to help provide fun social activities. Also, we will arrange various workshops to ensure they are knowledgeable with the options available to them for post secondary studies, and future career options towards their success in Canada. 

Language Support Tutoring

Criteria: Qualified ESL teachers; Tutors

Professional and qualified English teachers are available to provide additional language support for students in need. We set up private or group tutoring sessions for students for academic purpose or language test practice. Nobleton Education guarantees language support for all of our students.