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Why Nobleton?

The Nobleton Education International Group, is a team that recruits international students for Ontario High Schools and provides teaching opportunities for educators in China. We also provide co-op opportunities for Chinese university students.

Nobleton is officially approved by various Ontario Boards of Education, that are part of the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

Nobleton Education is located in the heart of the Halton District School Board, near Toronto, Ontario. Nobleton Education collaborates with many of Canada’s leading local boards of education and universities to provide personalized  English language programs and ESL support.

Nobleton staff are very committed to looking after all of a student’s requirements and every parent’s concerns.

Write us today and let’s get started on your educational adventure!!

Our Services



Contact with your friendly homestay family is made prior to your departure from China. Continued contact is maintained with parents in their home language throughout their child’s stay



Guardians have a strong facility with the English language to ensure there is effective communication between the student, school, and homestay family


Activities & Events

We organize student activities, include volunteering, cultural excursions, information session workshops, and community events


Teach in China

Come teach in China and travel the orient! We are recruiting teachers to work in various cities throughout China



We provide tutoring support (one to one or in group) delivered by qualified ESL teachers and English language specialists


Camps & Co-op Opportunities

Nobleton organizes summer and winter camps for students to experience a variety of academic themes while engaging in authentic Canadian culture through trips and excursions. Opportunities for University Co-op placements in local businesses is one of our unique programs


UP Online Education

Nobleton provides various online K-12 English language programs to help learners improve their English language proficiency. We are proud of our qualified, engaging and supportive online Chinese and English teaching teams


Study in Canada

Come study in High Schools and Universities in Canada. The Toronto area is an amazing place to learn and grow!

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